How does contactless curbside pickup work?

All New Castle County Libraries are providing contactless curbside delivery of books, DVDs, and other media to library patrons. 

  1. Contact your library to place a hold on an item.
  2. You will receive a text or email notifying you that your hold is available for pickup. Call the library to schedule your pickup date. Pickup dates vary by library.
  3. Drive to your library pickup location. Signs will mark designated waiting areas for pickup. (Patrons using the Claymont Library will use the building’s drive-through window). 
  4. Once parked, contact the library and let them know your name, hold info, and your parking spot number.
  5. Staff will retrieve your checked out items, and bring them to your car. Remain in your vehicle with the trunk open, and your mask on. Library staff will place your items in the trunk and move away.

To find out more visit the Curbside Pickup service page.

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