Permit Endorsed Contractor License

Permit endorsed licenses must be obtained for building and utility work. There are different license categories based on the work to be performed in each area. This type of license is only for construction contractors whose work requires a permit or performs mechanical and plumbing work. If your work does not require a permit and/or is not described as mechanical and plumbing contractor work requiring a utility license, you may need to should apply for a non-permit endorsed license.  A non-permit endorsed license is defined as any activity that falls under Sector 23 of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.

The permit endorsed license applications require the submission of documents and may not be applied for online.

2021 Application Documents

(license information is not yet available and will be posted here soon)

Contractor License Payments

Customers may pay Contractor License fees with a credit card using the link below. The NCC Contractor ID # is required to process this payment.

Contractor License Payment

NOTE: NCC requires the submission of a Contractor License Verification (CLV) form for each permit issued. To eliminate this requirement for each permit, fill out a Master CLV form which will cover all permits issued to you for the 2020 license period. This may be submitted with your contractor packet or emailed to