Community Programs

The Community Services Unit provides programs and presentations free of charge to any civic, church, or community group in New Castle County. Most presentations are 30 minutes to one hour in length. To schedule a program, please call the Community Services Unit at 302-395-8050.

New Castle County Explorers

If you are between the ages of 14 (and finished the 8th grade) to 20 years old and interested in a career in Law Enforcement, check out the New Castle County Explorers flyer (PDF) for information on the program and how to apply. You can submit completed membership applications (PDF) via email.

Personal Safety Program

Personal Safety promotes safety and awareness in areas such as the home, vehicle, retail stores, and on the street. This program can be customized for any group.

Community Watch Program

This program provides training to organize mobile patrols. These patrols are strictly designed to act as eyes and ears for the New Castle County Police. Training and certification is completed through two one-hour sessions.

Block Watch Program

This program is presented to any civic association or residential group and follows the same format as the community watch program. Instead of mobile patrols, a telephone network will be set up to create a flow of information between the community and the police.

Heroin Alert Program

This is a drug prevention program that illustrates the consequences of drug abuse in our communities. The program is continually updated due to the increase of heroin sales and use in the state of Delaware. Heroin Alert is appropriate for ages 12 and up.

Realtor Safety Program

This is a dual-purpose program. It provides personal safety information that is unique to the realtor, as well as proper reporting procedures when the realtor observes criminal or suspicious behavior.

Officer Friendly

This program is presented to children of all ages, usually by a uniformed officer with a marked police vehicle. Topics such as how to identify a police officer, the duties of a police officer, and a safety talk are covered. McGruff the Crime Dog often accompanies an "Officer Friendly" at community events. This program is designed to present a uniformed police officer in a setting that is not intimidating for the child. If a child ever needs the assistance of the police, he/she should not be afraid to ask.

Home & Business Security Surveys

These surveys are designed to point out security risks or hazards. A physical survey of the site will be conducted. Recommendations will then be offered on ways to eliminate these problem areas.

Child Safety / Stranger Danger

This program is primarily presented to children 4 to 10 years of age by a uniformed officer. The children are informed on how to identify and avoid dangerous situations and "good touch vs. bad touch."

Bicycle Safety

This program is presented to children of all ages and involves bicycle safety tips with a review of the laws governing bicycle riding and the bicycle helmet.

Youth & the Law

This program is a discussion for junior and senior high school students covering local ordinances, state statutes, and punishment categories relating to juveniles.

Senior Roll Call

This is a telephone reassurance program which calls senior citizens or home-bound residents on a daily basis with a prerecorded safety message. The program is monitored to ensure the Senior Roll Call member answers the telephone and is "Okay."

Senior Citizen Safety

This informative program consists of home security information, insight into "flimflam" scams, ideas on increasing protection from street crime, and general safety tips while at home or away.

Police Athletic League (PAL) Center (Three locations: Delaware City, New Castle & Hockessin)

PAL offers children ages 9 to 18 recreational and educational programs. Delaware City 302-838-7645 Garfield Park 302-656-9501 Hockessin 302-239-8857

Holiday Safety Program

This program introduces methods to protect persons and property during the holiday seasons such as safe shopping techniques.

Vacation Safety Program

This program is presented to offer various procedures to follow while on vacation. It includes personal safety tips for while you are home or staying at a resort.

Halloween Safety Program

This program prepares children and their parents who will be trick-or-treating for possible misadventures. Safety measures include those topics unique to Halloween such as:

  • Close examination of treats received
  • Safe costumes
  • Stranger danger

Community Meetings / Events

Officers attend meetings for civic associations, block / community watch groups, community groups, and a variety of community events. They address the concerns of the residents, discuss current crime trends, and offer suggestions for resolving their problems and implementing a solution.

Citizen Advisory Councils

New Castle County has been divided up into four geographical districts (North, Central, West, and South), each of which has an Advisory Council. Council meetings are held monthly and are open to the public. Each council works with the officers assigned to their area on community policing projects and quality of life issues. Members typically include community members, civic association leaders, and community / block watch participants.

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