Alarm Permit Registration

Register Online

You can register for a permit online as well as gain access to existing accounts and general information.

Register by Mail

You may also download the registration form and submit it via mail or fax to:New Castle County False Alarm Reduction Program
Office of Alarm Administrator
Lockbox Number 6512
P.O. Box 8500-6512
Philadelphia, PA 19178-6512
Phone: 866-839-2731
Fx: 301-638-9319

Ordinance Summary

No alarm user shall cause, allow, or permit the alarm system to give three or more false alarms in a 12-month period. Each violation of this section shall be penalized as follows:

  • For the third false alarm within a 12-month period, by a civil penalty of $100
  • For the fourth false alarm within a 12-month period, by a civil penalty of $200
  • For the fifth and any subsequent false alarms within a 12-month period, by a civil penalty of $250

In addition, any person operating a non-registered alarm system will be subject to a civil penalty of fifty dollars $50 for each false alarm in addition to any other civil penalties. The alarm administrator may waive this additional civil penalty for a non-registered system if the alarm user submits an application for alarm registration within 10 days after notification of such a violation.

If cancellation occurs prior to law enforcement authority arriving at the scene, this is not a false alarm for the purpose of civil penalties, and no civil penalties will be assessed.

View the full text of the ordinance at the county's Municode website.

Questions or Concerns

Questions or billing disputes may be directed to Ret. M/Cpl. Robert Abbott at 302-395-8074.