Use Permits and Temporary Events

Going Out of Business Sales

A Going Out of Business Sale Permit (PDF) is required if merchandise is being liquidated at prices below normal.

Temporary Events & Sales

  • Temporary special events are fairs, carnivals, and circuses involving tents, rides, food, and/or beverages.
  • Temporary miscellaneous sales involve the sale of Easter flowers, Mothers Day flowers, Christmas trees, etc.
  • Temporary outdoor sales involve the sale of store merchandise outside of a store.

Requirements & Information:

Certificate of Use 

A Certificate of Use Permit (PDF) is required when there is a change in the business use of an existing structure.

Certificate of Agricultural Use

A Certificate of Agricultural Use (PDF) may be issued for non-primary residence buildings, utilized for agricultural purposes.

Manufactured/Modular Home / Construction Trailer

Temporary Trailer/Construction Trailer Permit Requirements (PDF)

Manufactured Home Permit Requirements (PDF) - These requirements apply to modular/manufactured homes located in Manufactured Home Parks and for modular/manufactured homes on agricultural land.

Manufactured Home Plan Review Checklist (PDF)

Mobile Home Class C Letter (for pre-existing mobile homes) (PDF)