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NCC@2050: The Comprehensive Plan

The Department NCC2050_Logo_sm Opens in new windowof Land Use kicked off NCC@2050 on June 25, 2020!  

The plan will be a community-driven process helping us to strategically shape how we grow and develop as a County.   It will help guide development and services; shape the communities where we live, work, and play; celebrate our environmental, historical, and cultural assets; and support a robust economy. 

Broad citizen input from every neighborhood, every industry, and everyday people is key to creating a vibrant and inclusive future that reflects our community values. 

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Proposed Legislation:

Ordinance 21-036:   This Ordinance adds a Community Master Plan element to the Comprehensive Development Plan, including specific plans for the North Claymont, Route 9, Concord Pike (US 202) and Southern New Castle areas associated amendments to the Future Land Use Map and an associated amendment to Sewer Service Areas (Map 5-1).     

camera 2050

GreeNCC Environmental Legislative Agenda  

Historic Preservation

This effort aims to provide a comprehensive update for historic preservation provisions in the New Castle County Code in order to ensure consistency and clarity regarding the procedures and powers of both the Historic Review Board and Department of Land Use.

  • Modified or reorganized existing code sections to provide uniformity between chapters of the NCC Code.
  • Provide a clear path of evaluation, identification, and documentation of the County’s historic resources.
  • New incentives for historic preservation activities within Historic Overlay zones.

View a draft of the Historic Resources Enhanced Fact Sheet here.

View the Comprehensive Program for Historic Preservation in New Castle County - May 2020

6.8.20 full Opens in new windowHistoric Preservation Virtual Public Meeting Held June 8, 2020

The Department of Land Use hosted a virtual public meeting to discuss multiple approaches to historic preservation, including legislation and community-based efforts.

The first part of the meeting featured Mr. Nicholas Redding, Executive Director of Preservation Maryland, who is a recognized leader in historic preservation approaches.  Next, Land Use staff presented an overview of information regarding legislation and the process moving forward. At the conclusion of the presentations, there was facilitated question and answer session.

The presentation can be viewed here. 

Scenic Byways

On August 25, 2020, Ordinance No. 20-097 was introduced. You may review the ordinance here.