UPDATE - The Sheriff Sale will be held at the City/County Building, 800 N. French Street, Wilmington, DE 19801 This sale is being conducted publicly and in-person as required by law. Face Coverings and Social Distancing is required for entry and will be strictly enforced throughout the Sheriff Sale.  Notwithstanding these safety-measures, every public gathering carries the risk of exposure to COVID-19.  Bidder registration begins at 8:30 a.m..  Bidders are encouraged to arrive early to register and to print out and complete the bidder registrations forms click here *as well as a Sheriff Sale Screening Tool questionnaire click here  prior to arriving at the sale.  Bidders that arrive late for registration run the risk of not being registered to bid when the sale starts.

20% Deposit is now required at time of sale for all Mortgage (Lev Fac) and Judgment (JUDG) Sales. Monition (Tax) Sales are still 100% due at time of sale.

$500 - Late Payment Fee will be charged and deducted from the 3rd Party Buyer's Deposit in all cases where final payment is made after the specified Due By Date. 

Assignment of Bid must be submitted (hard copy sent to NCC Sheriff's Office, email by attachment, fax) in writing to the NCC Sheriff's Office prior to confirmation.  The Assignment of Bid must include the winning Bidder's name and authorized signature along with the Assignee's name, physical address (no PO Box), cell phone, email address, and authorized signature.  The document and signatures must be notarized.      

*Please note, everyone in attendance of the Sheriff Sale will need to complete a Sheriff Sale Screening Tool questionnaire click here  

Until further notice the Sheriff’s Office is OPEN, with minimal staff, and will continue to perfect service. 

Public Access to the Sheriff's Office is no longer prohibited. 


Responsibilities and Primary Functions

Service of Process

The Office of Sheriff provides service of process for writs issued by the Superior Court, Court of Common Pleas, Court of Chancery, Family Court and courts from other states and countries along with subpoenas issued by the Department of Justice, Department of Labor, and Industrial Accident Board. 

Out-of-State Writs

Required for Out-of-State service in New Castle County
  1. Praecipe (instruction letter)
          Who are we serving?
          Where are we serving it?
          When does it need to be served by?

   2. Plaintiff/Law Firm contact information (Name, Address, Phone #,
       Email Address)

   3. Documents to be served 

   4. Blank Affidavit of Service, only if your court will not accept our Affidavit
       of Service.  

   5. Self-Addressed Postage Paid Return Envelope.

   6. Payment for service must be in Certified Funds or from Law
        Firm’s Account. (Money Order, Cashier’s Check)
        ***No personal checks*** 

   7. Send to NCC Sheriff’s Office, Attn. Out of State, 800 N. 
        French St. 5th Floor, Wilmington, DE 19801

  8. Fee - $75 (1 Defendant at 1 address. $5 for each additional Defendant
       at the same address/same registered agent.)
        $150 - 2 Defendants at 2 different addresses.
$150 2 Defendants at 2 different registered agents.        
        $225 - 3 Defendants at 3 different addresses.
$225 - 3 Defendants at 3 different registered agents, etc.…
        $0.00 - Protection From Abuse Order - Domestic Only
  $75 - Subpoena/Summons to Appear for a Protection from Abuse
                Hearing (Not a PFA/TRO)

  Checks must be made payable to NCC Sheriff.

            Out of State Unit: 302-395-8464.

*Real Estate Sheriff Sale Information*

Real Estate Auctions are held at 10 a.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Police Athletic League, 3707 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19802.

The auctions offer Real Estate that is being foreclosed upon due to nonpayment of mortgage or for nonpayment of various local government taxes or judgments. BUYER BEWARE: It is the responsibility of the Bidder to do their due diligence before bidding on a property.

Real Property subject to Sheriff Sale is advertised in The News Journal and Newark Post or New Castle Weekly or Middletown Transcript in addition to posting a copy of the sale poster at a public location in the County Hundreds and on the subject property. 

Cash is not accepted for Sheriff Sales of Real Estate 
$5,000 deposit must be in the form of Cashiers Check/Certified Funds with the balance of the deposit to be paid by personal/business check.  No Starter Checks.

Sheriff sales are court ordered actions and as such must be free of distraction. Solicitation of business or services during the auction is prohibited. Failure to comply with the rules will result in your being asked to leave the premises.

Bidder Registration

All Bidders must register prior to the start of the New Castle County Sheriff Sale to be eligible to bid.

1st Time Attorneys and  All Pro Se must register to bid prior to the sale.  Please contact the Sheriff’s Office prior to the sale date to ensure you are properly registered.

Bidder Registration is held between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on the day of sale in the Police Athletic League, 3707 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19802. Be sure to arrive early as the Auction starts immediately following the opening instructions that begin at 10:00 a.m. 
In order to receive a bidder number, you must sign a copy of the Auction Rules acknowledging the receipt of the rules and provide the information required on the Bidder Registration Form which is available during registration and on our webpage here.
In order to register to bid, you must have:
  * a valid driver’s license (or government issued ID w/photo)
  * a $5,000.00 cashier’s check payable to NCC Sheriff
  * a personal/business checkbook with checks and proof you are eligible to sign the checks.  No starter checks. 

If you are registering as a Business or Organization you must have proof that you are associated with the entity. (ie...copy of business license, copy of LLC documents, Articles of Incorporation, etc...)

Bidder Prequalification Requirement for Certain Tax Sales

Bidders must prequalify if required by the Terms of Sale included on the public notice.  During bidder registration, the bidder must complete Part 1 of the Bid-Purchase Prequalification Application.   This application is available here and will be available at bidder registration.   If Part 1 is properly signed and dated, the Sheriff will approve Part 1 and it will serve as the bidder’s Prequalification Certificate.  The Sheriff will also issue a Tax Bidder Card for the bidder to display during the auction that indicates the bidder has been prequalified to place bids on property brought to sale by the government entity requiring the prequalification.  The bidder should retain the Part 1/Prequalification Certificate to submit to the Sheriff upon winning a bid. 

Registered bidders that do not secure a Tax Bidder Card will not be permitted to bid on any properties brought by the government entity requiring prequalification but may bid on other properties.  

The winning bidder of a property that requires bidder prequalification must report to the Sheriff’s Payment Table immediately upon winning a bid.  The winner bidder must submit: (1) the approved Part 1 and a completed and signed Part 2 of the Bid-Purchase Prequalification Application; (2) 100% of the bid amount; and (3) the $50 prequalification application fee.  Failure to submit any of the required items may result in the property immediately going back to the Auctioneer and made available to other bidders. 

Any property that requires bidder prequalification also requires prequalification of the assignee prior to assignment of the bid.  The Assignment Prequalification Application is available here. An Assignment Prequalification Application must be submitted 10 business days prior to the sale’s confirmation.

Certain tax-exempt organizations engaged in providing affordable housing may be exempt from these requirements.  These organizations may present proof of a Status Certificate.  The Status Application is available here.

Questions regarding the prequalification requirements should be directed to the Finance Department of the government entity that brought the sale (Plaintiff).

The Sheriff is not authorized to waive the prequalification requirements. 

Please see the following code provisions for the prequalification legal requirements.
New Castle County unincorporated areas:  9 Del. C. § 8726; New Castle County Code § 14.13.001-14.13.005.
Municipalities (cities/towns):  22 Del. C. § 113.

Excess Proceeds

Lien holders and Homeowners are expected to contact the Office of the Sheriff to determine whether proceeds remain after the costs of the sale have been disbursed. If excess proceeds remain unclaimed and/or the rightful owner cannot be determined or located after 90 days, they will be disbursed to the Prothonotary of NCC for placement in escrow and listed on the Superior Court of New Castle County website.

Search for Owners of Unclaimed Sheriff's Sale Excess Proceeds at Project Rightful Owner Superior Court of Delaware (excess proceeds) www.rightfulowner.delaware.gov

Project Rightful Owner Petition Requirements

Foreclosure Prevention Help

Starting January 19, 2012, the Attorney General, together with other agencies and organizations, initiated a mandatory mortgage foreclosure mediation program to give homeowner's a voice in the foreclosure process.  FREE HELP is available through this program.

The Attorney General’s Office continues to work hard to bridge the gap of communication and resolutions between the servicers and homeowners who continue to struggle for help with retaining their mortgages. questions? call Mortgage Hotline 1-800-220-5424 or click Attorney Generals Office Site: Foreclosure Mediation Program

Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) for more information and activities on foreclosure help contact Delaware Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (DEMAP) 

Delaware State Housing Authority and AG's Office Initiative

Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council, Inc. (DCRAC)
New Castle County  For more information contact DCRAC (www.dcrac.org) or 877-825-0750 x100.

Auction of Personal / Business Property

(Goods &Chattels)
Held as needed throughtout the year at the property locations. Sales are held offering personal or business property levied upon for personal or business debt.

Contact Information
Deputy Line : To contact the Deputy who has left a message for service call
Phone: (302) 395-8454

General Information: For General Information and to check service results Monday - Friday 8AM to 4PM
Phone: (302) 395-8450

Out of State Writs: For information on documents sent to New Castle County from jurisdictions outside the State of Delaware Phone: (302) 395-8464

Goods and Chattels: For information on the auction of personal property
Phone: (302) 395-8466

Wage Attachments: For information on the service of documents related to wage attachments Phone: (302) 395-8466

Prisoner Information: The NCC Sheriff does not detain,  transport or house Prisoners.  Persons detained at the NCC Courthouse are in the custody of Capitol Police.   For information on persons detained by Capitol Police call
Phone: (302) 255-0043, Monday - Friday 9AM to 5PM.