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Most documents stored at the Recorder of Deeds Office can be accessed using document search system. There are multiple ways to do your search. The simple search is designed for basic searches by users unfamiliar with the Recorder of Deeds Office. The user can enter a last and first name only, do a date search, or the user can be more selective and do both a last or first name and a date search to search a specific date range. In the advanced search you can search for public index information by names, date, document type, etc. The instrument search is used to search by entering a book and page, or an instrument number. The result set will return information that matches the numbers entered. The archive search allows you to review old archived single page images. You can also set up user preferences for frequent users. Choose which search best fits your needs:

*You must have a multiple page TIFF viewer to view these documents.


Text searches are free but users must sign up with a credit card to view document. The fee is a $1 per page (charged by number of pages in the document) or $100 per month per user for unlimited use.

Property Information

Look up property information including owner, tax information, and sales history at the New Castle County Parcel Search website.


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