New Castle County Offers Two Grant Opportunities

- NCC Cares Grant

(For event sponsorship & non-programming grant requests use the online form at the bottom of this page)


NCC Cares is a grant opportunity for non-profit groups and organizations that provide resources or services to the public in specific area where there are gaps in resources.

The County Executive welcomes the opportunity to partner with private groups and organizations to enhance quality of life in communities throughout New Castle County. To ensure transparency and responsible use of finite County resources, please find below the process outline and online form for requesting financial support for a non-profit organization.  Submitting a request for consideration does not guarantee approval.

Access the online form

The following areas of focus will be given priority:

  • Opioid addiction and overdoses
  • Reducing violence and its impact 
  • Health equity across the County
  • Educational and Sports programming 
  • Enriching cultural opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship creating ideas to solve  community problems
  • Community programming for under-served populations
  • Opportunities for a more bike-able and walk-able County

Grants will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt. Submission does not guarantee approval.  Submissions are reviewed for consideration once a month. 

Grant decisions could take up to 60 days.

Process to apply for grant funding:

  • Use the link above to complete the online form
  • Submit required documentation (incomplete submissions will not be considered)

Documentation regarding past use of funds is required prior to a new application being considered. 

For questions contact: 302-395-5101

- Event Sponsorship/Non-Programming Grant Requests

Use this form if you are requesting consideration from New Castle County to sponsor a fundraising event.  All other requests that are not related to programs or services for the community should be submitted using this form.  Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Submission does not guarantee approval.  Submissions are reviewed for consideration once a month.

Access the online form