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  1. Billing Address Change Form

    This form is used to request a change to the address associated with tax and sewer accounts. Note: The requestor must be the owner... More…

Land Use

  1. Comments on Guiding Principles for Development - Appendix 7
  2. Comments on Proposed Neighborhood Preservation Overlay Legislation
  3. NCC Farmland & Open Space Preservation Application

    Property owners who would like to apply for the New Castle County Voluntary Farmland and Open Space Preservation Program should fill... More…

  4. Vacant Property Registration Form

    This form should be utilized by parcel owners who have vacant properties to be registered with New Castle County.

  1. Comments on Proposed Economic Empowerment District Legislation
  2. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  3. Port Penn Flood Study Comments

Library Forms

  1. Meeting Room Application Form - Brandywine Hundred Library

    This form should be filled out to request use of one of Brandywine Hundred Library's meeting rooms. All forms submitted will be... More…

  1. Route 9 New Library Student Survey