Executive Senior Staff 

Wilmington, DE 19801

Name Title Email Phone
Mullaney, Timothy Chief Administrative Officer (302)395-5104
McDonald, James Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (302)395-5201
Guy, Samuel Chief of Staff (302)395-5124
Pepukayi, Bernard County Attorney (302)395-5146
Bryant, Joseph Public Safety Director (302)395-8019
Coupe, Michael Chief Financial Officer (302)395-8041
Dunning, Christine Chief of Human Resources (302)395-5184
Fogarty, Eileen General Manager, Land Use (302)395-5555
Gardner, Tonney Chief of Administrative Services (302)395-5260
Henry, Marcus Economic Development and Policy Director (302)395-5959
Hanson, Sophia Community Services General Manager (302)395-5605
McDonaugh, Cheryl Risk Manager (302)395-5159
Merritt, J. Wayne Acting General Manager, Special Services (302)395-5791
Miller, Jeff Emergency Communications Chief (302)395-8211
Parson, Darryl County Solicitor (302)395-5132
Prado, Antonio Director of Communications (302)395-5108
Setting, Elmer Chief of Police (302)395-8010
Tan, Lawrence Chief of Emergency Medical Services (302)302-8185