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Posted on: May 7, 2013

Great Schools, Clean Streams Winners Announced

Mt. Pleasant Elementary, Caravel Academy Win “Great Schools, Clean Streams” Pledge Drive

Almost 850 residents pledge to stop water pollution right in their own kitchens

Mt. Pleasant Elementary School takes the top spot in the public and charter schools category in New Castle County’s “Great Schools Clean Streams” campaign. Caravel Academy took the top spot in the private schools category. The New Castle Department of Special Services sponsored the pledge drive between April 8 and April 19 to encourage residents to prevent water pollution by disposing of used cooking oil and grease properly.

Learn More: www.GreatSchoolsCleanStreams.org

"We want to thank all the parents, teachers, and school officials who helped make the campaign a success," said Daniel Sullivan with the New Castle Department of Special Services, which sponsored the contest. "Working together, we all raised a lot of awareness about how residents can stop water pollution right in their own kitchens."

Almost 850 residents pledged to properly dispose of their used cooking oils, fats, and grease by putting these materials in the trash, instead of down the drain where it can lead to clogged and overflowing sewers. The residents assigned their pledges to 54 different schools around the county. The winning schools will receive grants that they can use to pay for on-campus environmental education projects:

Public/Charter School Category:
? 1st Place: Mount Pleasant Elementary School, $900
? 2nd Place: Brandywine High School, $600
? 3rd Place: Odyssey Charter School, $225

Private School Category:
? 1st Place: Caravel Academy, $900
? 2nd Place: St. John’s the Beloved, $600
? 3rd Place (Four Way Tie): St. Ann School, St. Elizabeth High School, The Independence School, and St. Marks School. $57 each.

Everybody wins when county residents keep used cooking fats, oils, and grease out of their drains. Homeowners avoid the risk of clogged pipes, toilet backups, and plumber bills. The county reduces the bill that taxpayers have to foot to clean out clogged sewers. With fewer sewer spills, local streams will get cleaner.

"If you took the pledge and keep your commitment, then you deserve a little credit for every smile on every child’s face you see playing in a local stream, lake, or river," Sullivan said.

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