The DEPARTMENT OF LAND USE AND PLANNING BOARD of New Castle County will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Gilliam Building, 77 Reads Way, New Castle, DE, beginning at 7 p.m. to consider the following applications.  The order in which the applications are listed is subject to change.


App. 2014-0515-T.  To extend the moratorium on land use applications incorporating workforce housing incentives and to amend Article 7 (“Transfer of Development Rights and Other Incentives and Bonuses”) of New Castle County Code Chapter 40 (Also Known as the Unified Development Code or “UDC”).  Ord. 14-083 is a text amendment that will place a temporary stay on land development plans proposing workforce housing incentives until January 31, 2015.  CC Sponsor: Penrose Hollins.


App. 2014-0092-S/Z.  East side Stanton Christiana Road (SR 4/7), south of Honeysuckle Lane and opposite Telegraph Road.  Exploratory Minor Land Development Plan, Rezoning and PLUS Review for Stanlan 7 LLC.  The plan proposes to rezone the property to CN (Commercial Neighborhood) and to develop an 11,400 square foot shopping center on 22 acres.  Ord. 14-072 will rezone 22.228 acres from S (Suburban) to CN (Commercial Neighborhood) and will amend the 2012 Comprehensive Development Plan consistent therewith.  CD1


App. 2014-0336-S/Z.  West side Bear/Christiana Road (SR 7), north side Newtown Road, and south of Rivers End Drive.  Exploratory Major Land Development Plan, Rezoning and PLUS Review for Newtown Square.  The plan proposes to consolidate seven parcels and to rezone the area to CN to construct three one-story buildings with 22,700 square feet of commercial floor area.  Ord. 14-075 will rezone 3.21 acres from NC10 (Neighborhood Conservation) to CN (Commercial Neighborhood) and will amend the 2012 Comprehensive Development Plan consistent therewith.  CD 7.


App. 2014-0496-D.  5 Old Barley Mill Road (north side Old Barley Mill Road, 2800 feet east of Montchanin Road). To amend a Declaration of Restrictions dated November 21, 1986 by Richard S. du Pont restricting further subdivision and rezoning.  The amendment will permit subdivision of the 18.8 acre parcel into three (3) parcels proposed by a minor land development plan now under review (App. 2014-0309-S).  NC2a zoning district.  CD 2.

 Considerations of rezonings may include zones other than those specified in the ordinances, and considerations for all other applications, including text amendments, may include changes other than those specified or requested in the proposals.  Time limitations will be imposed on speakers.  Information on all applications is available for public review in the Land Use Department, New Castle County Government Center, 87 Reads Way, Corporate Commons, New Castle, DE, from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.


Individuals needing reasonable accommodations according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, call 395-5400 (TT/TRY/T.D.: D.S., 1-800-232-5460) at least five business days before the meeting/hearing.



Richard E. Killingsworth, Chairman                                                  Eileen P. Fogarty       

Planning Board                                                                                   General Manager