Kid's Corral

The Kids Corral is a fun new farm exhibit located just behind the barn. It features more than 14 animals including:

  • Alpacas
  • Miniature donkey and her baby
  • Pygmy goat
  • Miniature nanny goat and her baby
  • Ducks
  • Indian blue peacocks
  • Pure white peacock
  • Blue hen chickens
  • Polish chickens
  • Floppy eared and dwarf bunnies
  • Turtle
  • African tortoise

All live in brand new structures that are accessible to all.

These animals are in  addition to our horses, ponies, geese, swans, and regal Mounted Patrol Clydesdale horses!

Welcome Athena!

We have a Beautiful New Arrival to Carousel.  Her name is Athena..   She is a Suri Alpaca Female, Medium Silver Grey.

D.O.B. 9/24/2007, 5/8 Peruvian, 1/8 Bolivian, 1/4 Chilean

Meet Dallas the Duck

One Legged Duck Finds a Life of Balance at Carousel Park

Meet Dallas, a domestic Cayuga duck born and raised at Carousel Park. He was enjoying a lovely life at the park’s Enchanted Lake when Morgan Lockard discovered he had injured his leg while on daily Rounds. Lockard cleaned his wounds and applied medication and wrapped his leg until he could be seen by the vet.  The Veterinarian said she did a great job.   He said, "Her expert care gave Dallas a fighting chance!" But the damage to the leg was too great and it needed to be amputated. Dallas could no longer live at the lake.

The staff decided to adopt Dallas and his companion into the Carousel Kid’s Corral where they will be cared for in a custom enclosure featuring a wading pool and lots of fresh air.

10 days after surgery Dallas is standing tall, strong, happy, and healthy.

Site administrator, Regina Marini, emphasizes that "saving Dallas required a combined effort from the Carousel Staff.  Everyone gladly pitched in to help.  Medications had to be dispensed twice daily.   It was also important to keep his environment clean and comfortable.  A lot of tender loving care went into his recovery.  The New Castle County staff at Carousel Park are phenomenal.  Dallas is now enjoying life with his buddy at the Carousel Kids Corral.”

Make sure to visit the new additions to the Carousel Kid’s Corral and say hello!

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    Carousel Kids Corral

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