New Castle County Summer Youth Employment Program


Thank you for your interest in the 2017 NCC Summer Youth Employment Program. The application deadline has passed

Mission Statement
The mission of the New Castle County (NCC) Department of Community Services (DCS) is to provide services to New Castle County residents that will strengthen families and individuals, build social capital, improve neighborhoods, and ensure places and space to live, learn, play, socialize and recreate. In fulfilling its mission, providing services to youth is a core function throughout all of NCC DCS’s programming. NCC DCS recognizes that developing the skills and capabilities of the youth contributes to them becoming responsible adults who contribute to their communities and workplaces. The State Summer Youth Employment Program supports the Department’s mission and provides an opportunity for NCC DCS to provide socially and economically disadvantaged youth, ages 14-20, with the opportunity to receive valuable employment experience that would contribute to their professional, social, and personal development and provide additional income to support their basic living necessities.