2016 Softball General Information
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Download Senior (58+) Draft League Flyer (Individual Registration)

NCC Softball Rules (rev. Mar 16)
ASA Non-Approved Bat Pics

Pre-Season Softball Tournament

2015: Gold - Rhino Linings (5-0); Blue - Ambassador Liquors (4-0)

Tuesday / Thursday Leagues
Playoff Schedule (for all leagues - updated after each play date)

Jun 23 - Make-Up Schedules for All Weekday Leagues

Southern     Eastern     Recreation*     Western     Women's Recreation
* NOTE: Please use the REVISED copy of the Recreation League schedule that was posted on April 19.  It is a new schedule after a team withdrew from the program.
Apr 15 - Tue./Thu. Placement Worksheet (Final)

2015 T/Th Final Standings          2015 T/Th Playoff Results
2014 T/Th Final Standings          2014 T/Th Playoff Results


Fall Senior (58+) Softball Practices