Diversity Commission

Regular Meetings

  • 4:00 PM
  • Second Monday of the month, The commission does not meet in January, May, June, August or December.


  • Sarah Brown, Chair
  • Delores McLamb, Vice Chair
  • Samuel Harbison
  • Erastus Mong'are
  • Clayton Stacy
  • Leon Tucker
  • 1 vacancy

Membership Requirements

Members must be residents of New Castle County.

Commission Responsibilities

The Diversity Commission is responsible for monitoring the county's policy to promote and encourage business opportunities for small, minority, and women-owned business enterprises, and to encourage their participation in county contracts as prime vendors and contractors. In addition, the board monitors the county's policy to ensure that all human resource activities are conducted in a manner that provides opportunity for all, and ensures the workforce is representative of the community it serves, thereby reflecting diversity in the workplace.

Diversity Commission Current Agenda