New Plans

The following plans have been filed with the Department during the past week.  All plans that are currently active may be found in the list of all active plans.

Council District 2

West side of Kennett Pike directly across from Dairy Barn Road.  
Major Land Development Plan to develop site for institutional housing Type II; 20 independent dwellings, 1,200 square foot common food service, nursing or healthcare service building. Charis Property – 4832 Kennett Pike. SE Zoning. (App. 2016-0375-S)

West side of Kennett Pike, 480 feet south of Old Gatehouse Road.
Major Land Development Plan to expand facilities by 210,716 square feet to include 55 additional independent living apartments with parking garage. 4830 Kennett Pike. S Zoning. (App. 2016-0376-S)

Council District 6

East and North sides of Smyrna Landing Road, west side of Alabam Road, south of McQuail Road
Minor Land Development Plan to demolish existing 1207 square foot building and construct a 16,575 square foot sallyport Building.  James T. Vaughn Correctional Center – New Sallyport Building  SR Zoning. (App. 2016-0373-S)

Council District 8

Southwesterly corner of Forrest Road and Beechwood Drive
Resubdivision Plan to adjust lot line between tax parcels 06-081.00-139 and 06-081.00-138.1912 Beechwood Drive and 1606 Forrest Road.  NC15 Zoning. (App. 2016-0374-S)

Council District 12

South side of Boyds Corner Road, west of intersection of Shallcross Lake Road.
Resubdivision Plan to extinguish private open space, parcels 16A, 16B, & AL10 and lots A, B, and C. Also eliminate 120 condo units and 44 single family dwelling units and replace with 42 single family detached units and 122 attached units. Village of Bayberry South. S Zoning. (App. 2016-0380-S)