New Plans

The following plans have been filed with the Department during the past week.  All plans that are currently active may be found in the list of all active plans.

Council District 1
South side of Middleboro Road, 2000 feet east of Route 4 (Maryland Avenue).
Minor Land Development Plan to demolish existing 33,366 square foot greenhouse and construct four one-story warehouses with combined gross floor area of 30,700 square feet and associated improvements. Lewis Commercial Center, Lot 1, Parcel B. I Zoning. (App. 2016-0565-S)

Council District 2
West side of Owls Nest Road, 1086 feet north of Old Kennett Road.
Minor Land Development Plan for proposed 2,581 square foot basement for storage and mechanicals. Greenville Country Club. SE Zoning. (App. 2016-0555-S)

Council District 5
North side of Ogletown Road, 2,000 feet southeast of Route 273.
Minor Land Development Plan to demolish existing 1,758 square foot building and construct an 8,000 square foot one-story warehouse and associated improvements. 2840 Ogletown Road. I Zoning. (App. 2016-0566-S)

Council District 7
Northwesterly corner of the intersection of Buena Vista Drive and South DuPont Highway.
Minor Land Development Plan to construct 41 additional parking spaces. MeadowWood Behavioral Health System – Parking Expansion.  S Zoning. (App. 2016-0557-S)

Council District 12
South side of Quigley Boulevard, 0.5 mile east of DuPont Highway.
Parking Plan for change of use from church storage to daycare center and to show additional parking. Airport Industrial Park, Parcel L.  I Zoning. (App. 2016-0512-S)