The Office of Inspections is responsible for conducting inspections of building projects to ensure their compliance with the adopted county building codes. Our certified inspectors perform all building, mechanical, plumbing and site inspections.

Be prepared for your inspection!  Review the document linked below for information about what is required at residential inspections.
Residential Inspection Description

For questions about your inspections, call 302-395-5572. To schedule Inspections, call 302-395-5515.



Top Failure Items

In addition, please review the list of the most frequently failed inspection items here.

Building Codes

For information concerning building codes, see the Code Enforcement Division, as well as "Code Opinions" below.

Electrical Inspections

All electrical inspections are regulated by the State of Delaware. For questions, please visit or call (302) 744-4500 or your licensed electrician.

Code Opinions

The New Castle County Inspections Section strives to provide accurate and consistent applications of the International Codes for our customers. However, from time to time an occasion will arise where we need input from the International Code Council (ICC) regarding a specific code section. In these cases, a request is sent to the ICC and a Staff Code Interpretation is provided in return. These impartial third-party decisions are receive from the ICC to assist jurisdictions in applying the code fairly and accurately. The Interpretations that we have accumulated for past and present code adoptions are listed here: Code Opinions
For any questions or comments, please contact the Inspections Department at 302-395-5572.