What's New For 2017?

  • New Castle County has modified its bidding requirements to expand opportunities for local contractors to do construction work for County government.
  • All contractors are eligible to submit bids for any contract under $500,000.
  • For most contracts valued at $500,000 or more, contractors are required to participate in one apprenticeship program by the time the contract begins. However, contractors who are subject to the apprenticeship requirement only need to participate in one apprenticeship program.  Previously, contractors were required to participate in an apprenticeship program for every trade involved in the contract.
  • Contractors are exempt from the apprenticeship requirement if their contract involves trades for which apprenticeship is impractical because local apprentice classes are not offered.
  • If no qualified bids are received for contracts in which the apprenticeship requirement applies, the projects may be re-bid without the apprenticeship requirement.