1. Tom Gordon, County Executive
    Thomas P. Gordon
    County Executive

  1. Investments Safer, Fees Reduced – NCC Responds to Audit; Auditor Contradicts His Own Statements

    The Gordon Administration has released its reply to the County Auditor's investment audit related to the $92 million transfer of reserves to UBS Financial, the world’s largest wealth manager with $2 trillion under management. Read on...
  2. County Executive’s Veto of Council Staff Pay Raise Staff Affirmed by County Attorney

    New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon’s veto of legislation that would have paved the way for pay increases for staff members of New Castle County Council has been upheld. Read on...
  3. Statement on Ordinance 15-015

    "Per title," Ordinance No. 15-015 amends “The rates of pay” for certain Council employees. It is not an ordinance of appropriation but rather an amendment of a pay plan. Read on...

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